Green-Zip-Tape: Demountable Drywall Installation System


Green-Zip-Tape, a patented demountable tape provides an alternative method for hanging sheet rock for later de-construction and reuse. Drywall has traditionally been a barrier to gaining easy access to structural components of the building for repair or reuse. This tape and associated screw connectors allow drywall to be easily removed [as pictured] and replaces the traditional nailing mechanism, which can damage the drywall and inhibit reuse.

Mr. Dry Wallie, TreeHugger's interior finishing consultant sez: "I'm going to throw away those goggles, toss my pry bar, and tell the the haul-off delivery guy to take a hike. Life is good now."

Too bad 3M. It's patented already.

For more information on GreenZipTap, click here (pdf download includes step by step installation instructions, with photos.)

Via::Tax Advantage Design and USEPA Region 9, News Release

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