Green Walls Growing Everywhere


Treehugger loves green walls like ELT's simple do-it yourself system, Shimizu's Parabienta or Germany's Indoor Landscaping. Another entry in the field is Vancouver's Gsky, which is installing a six storey high outdoor wall at Vancouver International Airport. According to the Globe and Mail: "The green walls in particular are just taking off like crazy for us," says Chad Sichello, G-Sky's president and chief executive officer. "We cannot keep up with demand." Another G-Sky wall is going into a new Whole Foods store in Vancouver, and they are big hits in condo lobbies in the US.::G-Sky

The Globe also talked to Alan Darlington, the pioneer of green walls, and builder of the Biofilter. He originally was involved in research on growing plants in space, but says "My interest was much more terrestrial," says Mr. Darlington, president of Guelph, Ont.-based university spinoff Air Quality Solutions Ltd. "But the same principles apply for a space station or an office building -- you're talking about a controlled atmosphere and a barrier between us and a hostile environment."
::Globe and Mail

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