Green, Urban Cohousing: Eastern Village

Eastern Village Cohousing is a very urban green community. Located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, it consists of 56 cohousing-style, condominium units. It was awarded LEED Silver certification in September 2005, making it the first LEED-certified cohousing structure. The main building was originally an abandoned office building constructed in the 1950s. The structure's courtyard had been a parking lot but is now a green space that includes benches, sculpture, a patio, and a children's play area. The building incorporates such features as ground-source heating and cooling, non-toxic finishes and renewable materials. Residents, many of whom contributed to the design process, actively participate in the management of the facility and grounds, including "green housekeeping" and other low-impact maintenance strategies where practical. The resident group has agreed contractually to install only Energy Star appliances, both initially and through a replacement policy. :: Eastern Village Cohousing via Building Green

Note: The Eastern Village Cohousing site does not seem to be working time of publishing.