Green Tower Plans Criticized as "Phallic"

Is that a flower or a "giant phallus"? In San Diego, "organic" design takes on a whole new meaning with the heated controversy over a proposed green 40-story residential tower.

"If it looks like a phallic symbol, someone has a strange perception," says Sandor Shapery, the San Diego-based developer behind the design. "You can find sex anywhere if you want to...There's just some sick people out there."

But architect Gwynne Pugh--of the internationally-renowned firm Pugh + Scarpa--has a different vision. He was hired by the downtown redevelopment agency to review the city's new building designs.

"With its rounded forms and swelling of the uppermost floors...this building structure is very phallic," he says.

Unfortunately, the tower's design is essential to energy conservation goals, which include recycling water from the cooling system for use in the swimming pool, laundry, and irrigation.

Shapery now plans to make some modifications before the proposal is reviewed again. Thanks tipster Mark. via ::SignonSanDiego More on Pugh + Scarpa ::New Future for Solar Panels ::Dwell Home II See also this phallic solar plant and the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

Green Tower Plans Criticized as "Phallic"
"If it looks like a phallic symbol, someone has a strange