Green Theater Initiative - A Call For Greener Theaters Worldwide

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Sure, theaters were getting greener on their own, thanks to the efforts of some progressive proprietors and forward thinking designers. But now there's an entire initiative looking to sweep Broadway with unifying green policies. It's the Green Theatre Initiative, and it just launched its comprehensive website last week. So what's its impact?The Green Theater Movement
The initiative's aim is both to inspire theaters around the world to adopt more environmentally friendly policies, and to lessen their impact and increase sustainability. It will also offer a network of support, via the website's forums and a bi-weekly newsletter to better create a community of green minded participants.

For starters, the London mayor's office just launched Green Theatres, a plan to green the entire city's theater community.
The official Green Theater Initiative Mission Statement:

Believing that both theaters and their audiences share a concern for the sustainability of their communities, the Green Theater Initiative (GTI) seeks to inspire theaters to incorporate environmental concerns in their planning and operations. It accomplishes this mission by promoting the benefits that theaters and audiences reap when they go green and by serving as a centralized resource where theater professionals can discover and discuss methods of doing so.

In addition to the newsletter and updated information center on the website, the GTI will feature a database of sources where theaters can find funding and tax breaks for adopting green initiatives, and a "compilation of proven methods that theaters can use to go green, including basic cost-benefit calculations, environmental benefits, etc."

The Initiative was the idea of Gideon Banner, an actor known for performing with the Blue Man Group—and who may soon be more widely known for the color green. It'll be interesting to see what sort of advances the initiative can inspire now that the curtain's been raised. Break a (environmentally conscious) leg, GTI!

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