Green Tax Shift & Other Environmental Issues Cartoon-Style by Stuart McMillen

Green Tax Shift by Stuart Mcmillen photo

To read the full story go to Recombinant Records/Green Tax Shift

Here is someone who gets the message across, in a funny and beautiful way. Australian Stuart McMillen takes topics around environmental sustainability and turns them into catchy cartoons. He spends some of his time drawing and publishes a story every few month. The latest on is about the Green Tax Shift.

oil spill by stuart mcmillen

Stuart McMillen illustrating problems like the BP Gulf Oil Spill

I like his witty humour and the fact that he communicates serious issues in an attractive and simple way; it's eductional and entertaining at the same time. Plus his web site is very easy to navigate, good job! You can see his work on Recombinant Records or follow Stuart McMillen on Twitter. (Thanks Sofia T. for the tip)

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