Green Swedish Design: Living Walls, Wind Turbines and More



From Sweden, an entire booth of green design, from living walls to wind power (and a lovely sofa).....

Offices often need partitions for privacy and noise control; usually they are dumb fabric things. Lisa Wacklin wants to replace them with mobile, modular living walls that not only do the usual noise absorption, but also provide oxygen and absorb toxins.


The Mobile Plantwall has an integrated, automated watering and nutrition system to reduce maintenance. We talked with Lisa about it:

The Mobile plantwall gives a boost of oxygen and reduces the occurrence of headaches and dry skin.

Because of the density of plants this wall is a health-bringing and superior alternative to traditional pots that are common at offices and in other public spaces.

The intense growing allowed by this plantwall system gives the impression of a dynamic and vidid surrounding, a company caring for their employees or a prosperous business.

More at Greenworks


Marie-Louise Hellgren says that the best way to make things sustainable is to design them to last. She normally works in smaller wares like bowls and plates, but brings a lovely and comfortable sofa to New York, made from natural and sustainably harvested materials. See a video interview of her here.

A young Swedish designer (whose name I have lost) presented a wind turbine made from only three aluminum extrusions that can be made any length.

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