Green Roofs on Apartment Buildings


Battery Park City is a neighborhood in New York City, that houses no less than three remarkable green apartment buildings. First came the Solaire, then the Tribeca Green, and the latest is the Verdesian. The roof of the Tribeca (above) is irrigated with harvested rain water, and recycled water from the apartment's toilets.

Nearby is the Verdesian, which stands 26-stories tall, and atop the building is a green roof, which also serves as a rooftop park for the apartment's residents.


The Verdesian also has heliostats mounted on the roof. These 2.5 m-diameter, computer controlled mirrors track the sun's movement to reflect light down to the otherwise-shaded park below.



There is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system on the east, south and west walls of the mechanical bulkhead at the top of the building.


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