Green Roofs Meet the Ground in New Heden

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Roofs are for people, and should be green and accessible. That is what is so exciting about New Heden in Gothenberg, Daniel Andersson's final thesis at Jönköping University, with Fredrik Kjellgren and Joakim Kaminsky of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects. as tutors. The form of the buildings, "built as sliced hills with grass roofs that can be walked upon" brings the green roofs right down to grade, making them accessible; rooftops become terrain.

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So what was an empty city block of parking lots and football fields in Gothenburg, Sweden,

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becomes 5000 apartments housing 10,000 people in the "green lungs for Gothenburgians."

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New Heden looks green from above. Even though denser developed it has a much greater biomass than its predecessor. Local cultivation of fruits and vegetables is a natural part of living in the area. Grass roofs and parks enrich the animal life and plant life and let nature become an integrated part of the city centre. They also absorb rain water that can be purified and reused as household water.

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Our Gothenburg correspondent, April Streeter, is unconvinced:

I think the picture looks idyllic, and I feel like a Luddite, but putting apartments for 10,000 in that open space in the middle of the city feels worse than the multi-use that takes place there now. It's not a space that I use much, except to ride through on my bike at least a couple of times a week. But it's where the circus goes, it's where the kids play soccer, it's a big open breath in between the denser city blocks. Kind of hard to lose that.

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