Green Roofs Are Changing Architecture: BIG's New School In Denmark

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Green roofs continue to change architecture, as architects blend buildings into the landscape and use the roofs as architectural elements, often to hide the building from view. The Vilhelmsro school in Denmark "focuses on nature and sustainability" so Bjarke Ingels of BIG designed it out of sloping landscaped bands that are integrated into the hillside.bjarke ingels big green roof school denmark image hiding

Indeed, hiding the building may have been one of the points of the design, for the architect points out that it presents no facade to the neighbourhood.

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The school appears to be built underground,

bjarke ingels big green roof school denmark image interior

But in fact the alternating bands admit lots of natural light to the interior, and "allows daylight to stream into all of the school's classrooms."

bjarke ingels big green roof school denmark image roof

And create wonderful spaces on the exterior. The architects write:

The sloping landscape and the building's sloping roofs merge into one continuous experience no matter if one is inside, outside, on the ground floor or walking across its green roofs.

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