Green Roofed Shipping Container, Recycled Furniture At Lovely Pop Up Cultural Center in Buenos Aires

Recycled Container Pop Up Cultural Center By a77 In Buenos Aires Photo
Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Designed to set up 'educational points' at different areas of the city, a new pop up, nomad cultural center has opened at the explanade of the Proa foundation in La Boca neighborhood, Buenos Aires.

It's a project by architecture studio a77, known for their Plug and Live system and work with repurposed materials, built with a recycled shipping container and furniture made from recovered wood.Recycled Pop Up Cultural Center By a77 In Buenos Aires Photo

"The Nomad Cultural Center is a project of urban pedagogy whose goal is to generate bonds with the community and to find in it a fertile ground for learning, with active participation channels through experimentation, workshops, laboratories and other actions alike," say the organizers of the space.

The project follows a77's study of transitory habitable spaces, and its modular nature allows it to be adapted to different spaces and situations in the city.

Recycled Pop Up Cultural Center By a77 In Buenos Aires Photo
Recycled Wood Furniture At Pop Up Cultural Center In Buenos Aires

Its first stop was La Boca, a neighborhood that lives in the dichotomy of being a major tourist trap and the home of many people in need, and that sits next to one of the most polluted rivers in the world: the Matanza Riachuelo.

During its first weekends, the free and open activities were related to sustainability, with a call to imagine all the fish and birds that used to live in the now polluted area and another to imagine the cities of the future.

Recycled Pop Up Cultural Center By a77 In Buenos Aires Photo

The center will be at this location until Easter, functioning on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Its future destinations include Parque Patricios and Barracas neighborhoods, both in the southern part of the city, where it will incorporate activities related to technology and design.

For more information on the project, contact the education department of Proa foundation or a77.

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