Green Roof Mashup: Golf Course, Filtration Plant, Park and Prison

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The Bronx NIMBYs went nuts when it was proposed that a water filtration plant be built in a park. So the architects, Grimshaw, followed what is becoming a common strategy: put a green roof on it and show it from the air. Building? What building?

And in this case, it's BIG, nine acres big, and they are putting in putting.

"The distinction here is it's not just a green roof, but a performative green roof that needs to provide all these functions," [Landscape Architect] Smith said in an interview. "I think we're pushing both the design of the green roof and the design of the golf course in new directions. We're working to see how far we can push the diversity of the ecology and still adhere to the constraints of the golf course."

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The Architects Newspaper writes:

When this heavily secured compound is completed in 2012, it's due to be topped by far more than just new turf. Grimshaw and landscape architect Ken Smith have designed one of the largest and most intensive green roofs to date, which is also a fully functioning driving range. And an irrigation system for the golf course. And an integrated security program for the facility below. Think Pebble Beach meets the Biosphere meets Rikers.


The engineering challenges are formidable. At nine acres, the $95 million driving range is the largest contiguous green roof in the country. So when it rains at the range, it pours, which creates a paradoxical hazard for the plant below. "It's of paramount importance to the City of New York that this building stay dry, despite being full of water," said David Burke, the project architect at Grimshaw. So to handle the millions of gallons that can accumulate on the green roof during a storm, the design team has devised a natural filtration system to collect, process, and store the runoff.

More at the Architects Newspaper.
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