Green Roof Creates "Image of a Mountain" in Japan

acros fukuoka aerial view photo

Green roofs are all the rage now, but back in 1995 it was pretty unusual when Emilio Ambasz and Associates extended Fukuoka's Tenjin Central Park with a terraced building covered in gardens. Builder Takenaka calls "a step-shaped rooftop garden in order also to create the image of a mountain as the view from the park."

acros fukuoka building from park photo

View from park

acros fukuoka closeup of planting photo

"Spatial structure and vegetation structure were selected which produce the time-to-time changes of the four seasons."

acros fukuoka section through planters photo

"Effluent follows the drainage system of a natural mountain. The system used as a base entails rainwater from the top floor (13th floor) permeating into the soil and following water paths, before permeating through to the step gardens on lower floors, before reaching the ground level."

acros fukuoka vegetation plan photo

Metaefficient tells us that " The garden terraces, which reach up to about 60 meters above the ground, contain some 35,000 plants representing 76 species. A huge semicircular atrium and the triangular lobby provide contrast to the greenery, in this space is a symphony hall, offices and shops." ::Metaefficient
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