Green Prototype Home Displayed at World Social Forum in Mexico City


A group of 16 Mexican NGOs put together a green prototype home as part of an eco-exhibit at the World Social Forum, which concluded Sunday. While not a complete house (it was missing a roof), the prototype home, set up on Mexico City's Zocalo, or central plaza, served as a kind of shell for demonstrating various eco-technologies and materials such as solar panels and hot water heaters, gray water filters, biodegradable cleaning products, composting, and dry toilets.

The project was headed up by Organi-K, a sustainability group dedicated to "Ecology in Action." According to Arnold Ricalde, director of Organi-K, the eco homes using the demo materials can be built with a mere budget of around 120,000 pesos, or about US$11,000.

The coalition's next step, according to Ricalde, is to push the Mexico City government to include ecological houses in their social housing programs. "This is another paradigm in understanding that the way in which we have lived, how we have understood well-being, comfort, abundance is wrong," said Ricalde. :: Via CEMDA (Spanish link). See also our recent coverage of the Mexican president's sustainable housing initiative.

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