Green Products in Azure

We thought we would get a week of posts out of the new Azure magazine, but page 438 of the TreeHugger Manual states very clearly : "before reviewing said product or service "A" perform search function "B" to ensure boring repetition of posts does not occur" and lo and behold we found:
::Valcucine Kitchens- designed for disassembly, using 80% less material, no solvents and water based lacquers with finishes from soy, flax and orange peels.
::Emeliano Godoy's disposable collection of home accessories made from sugar.
::gDiapers- taking a load out of our landfills.
::Bale Chair from FSC plywood and who knows what books
::Jonas Hauptman's Reseat chairs made of reconstituted aspen wood flakes
::Patagonia Synchilla Fleece (44 posts on Patagonia!)
::Biota water in biodegradable bottles
::and we are so thrilled that they agree with us about the :: iPod-" they are an example of dematerialization-manufacturing with fewer materials and, in this case, replacing physical products with virtual ones"