Green = Practical

Being eco-effective for me is part of a larger idea which encompasses personal health and financial wealth. Its all integrated — living in co-ordination with natural systems, being healthy, and not needing a huge income in the process. These combined goals are linked together. Living "green" should make financial sense, even at an individual level. This is why, for me, saying something is a "greener solution" doesn't quite tell the whole story. For most people, it brings to mind environmental benefits and (if your are lucky) health benefits too — but financial benefits are often left out of the picture. Sometimes this is quite justifiable — seeing those benefits is not exactly easy because the techniques and ramifications involved are not widely known.

Yet, green thinking is — even at its core — about creating abundance and wealth. Emphasis on using local resources and sustaining those resources means the creation of wealth. Realizing you can reduce your consumption, and still be just as satisfied means you have created wealth. In this sense, labeling something as "eco" or "green" actually obscures the fact it's just downright practical too. Perhaps we should emphasize this pragmatic side of green design more often. I'd like to give practical examples of this in another post! [by Justin Thomas]