Green Materials + Mass Customization = Peter Pless's Comp Lounge

Eco-friendly seating Comp Lounge by Peter Pless Design

Unveiled at IMM Cologne '08 last month, Peter Pless combined Cradle-to-Cradle-like design sensibility with the desire to offer multiple functions from the same piece to create the Comp Lounge. As the cushions change places, so does the chair's function, going from couch to lounge to bed and back.

In addition to its ability to do more than one thing while you have it, the lounger is designed to go more than one place -- the landfill -- at the end of its life; the chair's McDonough-inspired materials are 100% recyclable after disassembly. Relax with another pic, and read the designer's statement (he really "gets it"), after the jump. ::Peter J Pless Design via ::ecofabulous


"Design, I feel, is not about developing a quirky product that carries a high price tag in which five percent of consumers can afford. Nor is it something that rides the wave of the latest trend or striving to become famous. Design is about passion, communication, value, observation, pragmatics, form, interaction, vision, research, and of course, responsibility. Rather than the mere stylization of an object, it is crucial that other aspects be taken into account when considering the desired interaction between person and object. In a world where design magazines discuss this hot topic called green design, it is typical to see familiar designs with new materials assigned to the form. Overall, these designs are all still disposable and at some point will be disposed of. In order to achieve an object that is truly sustainable, social and personal values need to be embedded as an active component within the artifact."