Green Materials Guide: An Intro to Green Flooring


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We all walk on it every day, but don't often think of it. It's underfoot, and, for many of us, out of mind. But just because you trod on it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay close attention to the materials that make up your flooring. Here are a few tips to find the best green material for the job; check out the full Green Materials Guide for Home Flooring over on Planet Green to get all the details.

Decide on the Durability You Need in Your Floor

A properly installed hardwood floor is going to last a lot longer than carpet (but it'll be more expensive). A cork or linoleum floor is more susceptible to really hot spills that might happen in a kitchen, or around a fireplace or hearth. Decide how durable you need your flooring to be, and narrow the choices from there.

Beware of Moisture Exposure to Your Floor

Just as each material isn't as durable as the next, too much exposure to moisture can wreak havoc on your flooring if you match a wet area with a dry material. So be careful in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else that has prolonged or frequent exposure to moisture, and choose wisely.

Get the scoop on a variety of flooring materials -- which choices are best for which locations, the pricing levels for each, and more -- in the Green Materials Guide to Flooring at Planet Green.

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