Green Landlord Awards. Would You Nominate Yours?

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What sets Renew magazine apart from the myriad other eco technology and green lifestyle publications on newstand shelves, is that it has no 'puff pieces', no light reading articles. Rather it's full of gritty, information rich articles about real people achieving real change in their lives. And the current issue just out is no exception.

Take just one example, their Green Landlord Awards. An excellent way to encourage property owners to be water and energy smart, using a carrot rather than a stick. Would your landlord make the grade?They'd have to beat winning landlord, Shane Merrick, who implemented the following initiatives for his tenants:
• installed a greywater system so shower water diverted to the garden bed
• diverted rainwater downpipe into front garden - now water maintenance free
• planted drought tolerant native plants in garden
• installed low water usage dishwasher, with an eco wash cycle
• installed low flow shower heads
• Double insulated upstairs attic room- upstairs no longer needs winter heating • • installed door seals to stop drafts
• installed a SolarVenti unit in lounge room to warm house and circulate fresh air
• installed energy efficient light bulbs throughout the house.

For his efforts, as winner of the Renew Magazine Green Landlord Awards, Shane Merrick scored two 65 watt, 12 volt solar panels.

Renew Magazine has a plethora of other good news stories like the three families that converted adjoining factories into green homes, using mostly recycled materials. Then there is the piece on the family that used tadpoles to keep their swimming pool clean whilst gaining huge savings on chemical and power use. Don't miss the Solar Hot Water Buyers Guide or the extensive guide to understanding domestic solar photovoltaic installations. Although predominately a print publication that supports the work of Australia's Alternative Technology Association (ATA), Renew Magazine is developing an every expanding online presence. You can get a good sense of what the current issue of Renew contains with their solid excerpts from key articles on the magazine's website.

For their consistent work in publishing this magazine, and its sister, Sanctuary magazine, the ATA were themselves recipients of an award, picking up a Highly Commended as Small Publisher of the Year, at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards.

Renew Magazine.

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