Green Island: Re-Thinking Tokyo

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Images from Green Island

Tokyo was rapidly rebuilt in the 1950s and has few big parks. It is said that the city is a dream for architects, but a nightmare for city planners. Now, a group of young designers are re-thinking the concrete jungle, replacing the asphalt with green grass. Famous, iconic spots like Shibuya and Shinjuku get a new look in the Green Island project. And now they are looking for your help.

green island tokyo shibuya image

Green Island is a collaboration between creative director Tag (Ryo Taguchi), photo retouch creator IMKW (Imakawa), and "coding operator" Immr (Yuichiro Imamura). "The initial result is a series of photographs that cleverly turn Tokyo streets into fields of green," notes Trends in Japan approvingly. I like how Green Island encourages the reconsideration of existing places, making us think about the potential that they offer.

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Green Island wants your help. They are looking for the "best talents from all fields" who want to take part in not only the retouch work but also offer photo material. If you want to help them create screen savers and blog parts, please contact them.

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