Green is the New Grass: "Lawnchair" by Fung + Blatt


Combining high concept with a truly green material and a clever play on words, "Lawnchair" by Los Angeles-based Fung + Blatt Architects is further proof that green can be sexy. We've seen that the grass is greener in just about everything: another chair, this bench, a growing wall and even some shoes, and we can add this suave lounger to the list. Though listed in the "coming soon" section of their site, the chair appears to be fully functional, even for those who can't just leave it out on the deck to water it: "the lawnchair is equipped with a built-in 'moisturizing' system that promotes even distribution of moisture under the sod, thereby minimizing evaporation and run-off." We're told it'll be available in limited quantities starting this fall; just watch out for grass stains. ::Fung + Blatt Architects via ::Cool Hunting