Green Gingerbread House Smackdown: HOK Enters the Fray

hok gingerbread overall photo

We previously presented Michelle Kaufmann's GingerLotus, her green gingerbread house of the season, and compared it to her efforts last year. Not to be outdone in the exploding green gingerbread housing industry, HOK's Toronto office has thrown the LEED-H book at the problem for a Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread Home design competition.

hok leed image

They claim LEED Platinum, and why not? it has licorice rainwater barrels, a jelly bean green roof, gumdrop wind turbines and our favorite LEED checkmark:

hok heat pump image

a sparkly ground source heat pump.


They understand that the future is multifamily and that a house does not exist without context but is a function of the site and the terrain.

closeupof hok image

Detail of rainwater collection and chocovoltaic panels.

hok roof photo

View of Roofscapes. Congratulations to Sarah Ferguson, Reem Abood, Vivian Gabrail, Jenny Hyatt, Genny Rose, Tania Ursomarzo & Carmen Cheung at HOK Toronto.
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