Green Findings at Puro Diseno Fair in Buenos Aires


As we mentioned last Monday, this year one of the most important design events in Buenos Aires (Puro Diseño fair, which took place from March 28th until April 2nd) had some green presence, with the participation of some of our featured local designers and a presentation on the basic aspects about Green Design. But thorough the fair, we were pleased to find some new green designers too. The first one was Neumatica, a small company founded by Roby and Deby Piwnica, two Argentine siblings living part-time in Brazil and Argentina, who make products out of recovered tires along with people from favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Though the idea is not new, they had some cool designs and incorporated things like belts, purses and polished diary covers that could make good green company presents. Their products can be purchased in several stores around Buenos Aires and Rio (they don’t have a site yet, but to find out more e-mail them). Other happy findings were organic cotton clothes (not very common in Buenos Aires), and cool pieces of jewelry that incorporated recycled paper and threads. Read more to find out the brands and websites.Like we said, another happy finding was a company that makes t-shirts with organic cotton, not so much popular here in Buenos Aires (at least it’s not common that the word ‘organic’ is included in the label). The brand is called Inhaus, and though the style was sort of classical, with plain t-shirts with some stamps to be at home, it’s great to see interest in designers in pursuing organic cotton. Inhaus products are sold in Malba Store, Soldba (4645 Costa Rica st., Palermo), Design Suites (1683 Marcelo T. de Alvear st.) and Materia Urbana.

In the jewelry/accessories field we found some really cool necklaces with recycled paper mixed with threads and stones, which really didn’t look recycled until you came really close (the picture is from a past collection, but the new ones are much better). They were from Lua Chea, a company that has been around since 2004. Lua Chea’s accessories can be found in two stores located in Palermo (one at 2029 Borges st., the other at 4593 Nicaragua st.).

And finally, we checked a new brand doing advertising banners bags: Urbag. Though in appearance they don’t have much difference with other brands, we thought worth mentioning it in case someone is interested in other provider. ::Puro Diseño fair ::Neumatica e-mail ::Inhaus ::Lua Chea ::Urbag