Green Façade Covers Chilean Building by Enrique Browne

consocio overview photo

Enrique Browne has designed an interesting green façade for an office building on an important site in Concepción, Chile.

concorcio details image

A free plant "volume" that looks to the East, North and West, protected from the sun by laminated wood sections that support a "double green skin" with mature climbing plants. The wood use alludes to the regional production;

concorcio photo

A great "horizontal" cantilever roof that serves as an end of the building and protects the large balcony of the upper floor from the western sun.

concorcio planting scheme

Planting details for the exterior

concorcio photo screen

None of the photographs except for the first one show the green screen, and it could be a very good rendering, so I cannot tell if the planting was ever actually installed. (The building was constructed in 2004). But even if it was not, the wood solar screen is a nice touch. Via ArchDaily

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