Green Designers Strut Their Stuff on "Re-Use Runway" in Jerusalem

recycled milk crate bench by lool82 photo

(Lool82 turns milk crates into handy and hip little seats, perfect for the college dorm).
It's old hat to New Yorkers by now —— but come this next Tuesday Israeli designers are going to have green fans ogling as they strut their stuff on the Re-Use Runway in Jerusalem. Opening the event will be a display of re-used fashion, accessories, painting, industrial designs, and sculptures, all available for purchase; and at 8:30pm, visitors will see eco-fashions designed by Bezalel School students on the "Re-Use Runway."

Later in the evening, there will be a special auction of the different displays: "More importantly, this auction will be a statement and demonstration of how we do not need to go out and buy new clothes, but rather re-use creatively what is already at our disposal," say designers.

brigitte cartier design baladi creations photo

Brigitte Cartier, from France and now in Tel Aviv, finds unconventional uses for other people's trash.

Among those hip and green participating will be those from Lool82 (Lool means chicken coop in Hebrew) and the ultra-hip trendsetter Brigitte Cartier from Design Baladi.

For more information, see the event announcement on Green Prophet.

Take a gander at some other Israeli green designers:

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Bagir Recycled Suit From PET Bottles
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