"Green Design Will Become the Definition of Good Design"


That's what Jill Salisbury of Environmental Language Furniture said to Style Chicago in an overview of the Chicago green scene. They looked for "visionary architects, interior designers and home furnishings manufacturers who are committed to the green principle, creating beautiful buildings and divine decor that leave the lightest footprint possible on this place we all call home." While that is a quote that would make George Monbiot retch, there were some interesting selections, including Nathan Kipnis Architects-"Environmental design is the only logical way to design in response to the global and local situation," Kipnis asserts.


Jill Salisbury worked with an environmental consultant to develop her furniture collection at EL Environmental Language, which utilizes natural and non-toxic materials in classic, heirloom-quality pieces. Salisbury maintains that sustainable design is a shift of lifestyle, not a passing trend, and that the demand is growing. "Green design will become the definition of good design," Salisbury says.


We had no idea that Montauk, famous for its oversized chairs, was going green. "We are part of an important initiative and a growing trend to pay attention to our planet. Montauk is committed to continuously reducing our footprint by improving our showrooms' energy efficiency and procuring our materials from sustainable sources," says Tim Zyto, Montauk Sofa's president and CEO.

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