Green Design in India

Recently we spoke of a line of biodegradable footwear from India, that was a winner in the IDSA 2005 IDEA awards. We don't often write much about India but it seems like there might be quite a bit happening we should be aware of. So we now bring you the Green Design focus page from Design in India. You'll find reports on Solar Energy Lights for the Urban Poor and Environment for Children as well as case studies on Sustainable Energy. Links to the Barefoot College and Women for Sustainable Development. Dig around further and you'll turn up fascinating stuff like the REVA NXG - an electric concept car (A "two-seater roadster with an extended range of 200 Kilometers per charge and a speed of 120 Kilometers per hour"), or recycled paper furniture made for kids, or a multimedia museum to the inspiration work of Mahatma Gandhi. And boy, was was it ever refreshing to see a design site focus some attention also on the needs of the disabled, elderly and rural dwellers. ::Design In India's Green Focus