Green Design Gift Guides From 'Round the Net

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After all these years of us TreeHuggers complaining about consumerism, it appears we were wrong. Reputable sources like the Spectator are telling us that globalism is good, and " Buying cheap plastic toys made in China really is helping to make poverty history." Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail, a truly reputable source of insight, says "please ignore those joyless, soul-sapping, censorious puritans who insist on how rotten and corrupt we are. Deck the halls and buy a few more ecologically irresponsible gifts. Indulgence isn’t the worst thing in the world. ’Tis the season of abundance, and we should celebrate, not let ourselves be guilted out."

Perhaps there is a compromise position: indulge, but not the plastic toys and ecologically irresponsible gifts. Looking around at our friends on the Internet, there's lots of good stuff to be had.


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Core77's Ultimate gift guide is brilliant. I can't decide what designer phenotype I am, but I found the off-the-grid fellow to be closest, perhaps because he is " deeply interested in biomimicry and takes inspiration from nature very seriously." And I so want a pocket chain saw. More at Core77.


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I can just imagine Christmas morning at Alex Wilson's house. "Oh, thank you dear, a low flow shower head and a smart power strip. Just what I always wanted." My wife smacked me when I once gave her an office chair, she would just kill me if I gave her a smart phone app that encouraged her to walk more. And what are you trying to tell me, darling?

The cargo bike is nice though; more at BuildingGreen


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Inhabitat has pages and pages of stuff, you could be clicking their 21 slideshows all day. It's a bit overwhelming, but some interesting finds. I want the cool folding electric bike. More in Inhabitat


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Our new pals at have 15 clever green suggestions, ranging from recycled circuit board picture frames to fun doormats. I am just not sure about the Clint Eastwood bamboo iPhone skin, though, even if it is an American made " notable alternative to plastic, mass-produced-in-China smartphone accessories." More at


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Boingboing's Gift Guide isn't particularly green, but it is certainly idiosyncratic. Who wouldn't want Amino acid necklace that spells out "we are star-stuff" and a Multipet Talking Gefilte Fish. There are some practical green gifts in there, however, including a BioLite CampStove. It scrolls on forever in true BoingBoing form.

And don't forget us!

Green Gift Guide 2012 The Design Junkie© TreeHugger

Mairi picked sustainable gifts "ranging form a bubble-shaped wall-mounted terrarium, to a flat-pack light, recycled skate board magnets, the perfect office chair, polished stone coasters, and more." More in TreeHugger

Green Design Gift Guides From 'Round the Net
In which we ogle and the green goodies on MNN, Core77, BuildingGreen and Inhabitat

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