Green Design at Puro Diseño Fair, this Weekend in Buenos Aires


From March 28th to April 2nd will take place the 7th annual Puro Diseño fair, one of the main design events in Buenos Aires. Scanning the exhibitors’ list and program, we found some of our featured Argentine green designers are going to be there, so it might be a great opportunity to get in touch with them or buy their stuff. Some of them are the fellows from Baumm, the Argentine alternative to Freitag, who make messenger bags with recycled advertising banners; designer Silvina Romero, who makes jewelry with repurposed threads; and Tribalia, the brand founded by an Argentinean living in Milan which sells carpets and knittings from 100% natural sheep and llama wool spun under Inca techniques by fishermen in Rosario (Santa Fe province, Argentina). Puro Diseño exhibition will also offer a Conferences Program that includes a presentation by our colleague Emily Pilloton (also featured in TreeHugger), from Inhabitat, about Green Design; and a Future Trends seminar. Of course we hope to make new green findings and will be at the presentations, so we'll bring you the scoop when the fair takes place. Puro Diseño is open to the public and will be open from 12am until 10pm at the Blue Pavillion in La Rural exhibition center (4200 Santa Fe Av.). Admission is 12 pesos (about 4 dollars). ::Puro Diseño Fair