Green Demolitions


Near the top of the TreeHugger code of living is something like "Reusing stuff is better than buying new stuff"; this is why we dig what is doing. They offer an easy, feel-good outlet for donating old (but still functional) kitchen cabinets, countertops and other demolition items (the full list is here) to charity, and because the donation is tax-deductible, it has the potential to save you lots of money, too. Your donations, instead of going into a stagnant landfill, are re-sold through a sister site at, and suddenly, what's old is new again. Donating items is free of charge, and teams of contractors come to your home or business and provide (usually) free labor to remove and haul away your old kitchen, bathroom, architectural and landscaping elements and more. If you're thinking of renovating or are looking for used materials for a renovation of your own, Green Demolitions can help; they have three locations in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. ::Green Demolitions via ::Apartment Therapy

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