Green Building Studio Software Calculates Energy Impacts of Design


Santa Rosa, California-based company Green Building Studio, Inc. launched the beta version of its green-building software, Green Building Studio V3.0. Compatible with other design tools from Autodesk and Graphisoft, the beta version now offers designers, owners and builders more advanced web service features for evaluating a building project’s carbon neutrality potential, total PV & wind energy, greenhouse gas emissions, total building energy, water consumption for both commercial and residential typologies. Other features include:

-- Daylighting with Energy Savings: Calculates LEED Glaze factor for each room with lighting control energy savings.

-- Local Weather Data: Access to data from over 60,000 weather locations, ensuring that users can utilize local hourly weather data within 14km of your building, instead of the usual (and less accurate) 230 airport locations.

-- Carbon Neutral Building Check: Estimates the feasibility for each building to achieve carbon neutral status using local grid emission data.

-- US EPA ENERGY STAR Score: Computing each building's US EPA ENERGY STAR score or Architecture 2030's targets.
::Green Building Studio, Inc. via ::Environmental News Network

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