Green Building Competition for New York City - Winners Announced

When the principles of green building are incorporated into industry standards, the architectural competitions that are created to promote energy efficient design and construction will become obsolete. However, until then events such as 'The Green Building Competition for New York City' will continue to capture our collective attention. Subsequently, it is our duty to report that the winners of the aforementioned competition were announced Wednesday at the Center for Architecture. During the awards ceremony, EPA Regional Administrator, Alan Steinberg said: "for New York, with its never ending appeal, yet limited space and resources, sustainable development is nonnegotiable". The Grand Winner, New Sunrise Yard, will be the home of operations for the facilities and maintenance arm of the NYC Department of Transportation. The facility, which sits on 46,300 square feet in Queens, requires 65% less energy than comparable facilities. These savings are achieved through the use of green building techniques including: high performance glass, efficient lighting, radiant floor heating, and demand based ventilation. In addition, demolition waste will be reused and water runoff will be captured for landscaping. To learn more about the competition and other project entries please see the EPA's press release. See also ::Greener Offices in New York, ::Green Building: A Complete How to Guide