Green Building Breakthrough: LEED Certification on an Everyday Budget

Hailing a "green building breakthrough," Portland-based Interface Engineering Inc. has published a free 48-page illustrated guide on how to acheive Platinum-level LEED certification on a conventional building budget. This is not an easy task, but, using their current project for Oregon Health and Science University as a case study, Interface has proven it possible. "We're delivering champagne on a beer budget," said Andy Frichtl, Interface principal and lead project engineer. "The key to achieving more with less is integrated design." The projects design accomplishments include 100% on-site sewage treatment with rainwater and wastewater being harvested for toilets and landscaping, saving 15,000 gallons a day and innovative features such as sunshades that double as solar power generators and the first large-scale on-site micro-turbine plant in Oregon to generate electricity. More details on the project can be found here and the booklet can be ordered here; this TreeHugger's is already on its way. ::Interface Engineering via ::Land+Living