Green Board-Game Maker Tries to Bring Home Forbes' Business-Boosting Cash

Head1Liners Recycled Paper Board Game photo

If you are thinking that a pair of recycled-paper board games called Bioviva and Head1Liners not yet on your Big Christmas list, you are probably not alone. In spite of garnering 13 international awards, educational Bioviva and the newer Head1Liners are probably not about to compete with those cutthroat deal-making and war-mongering board games like Monopoly and Risk (#1 and #2 in most popular lists).

Recycled wood and recycled paper, right down to the tokens
But Tony Kvale, owner of Kvale Good Natured Games, has the stats to show why green games are a huge opportunity to cut waste and resources. The 100% recycled fibers used in Kvale's games have, he calculates, saved nearly 10,000 trees and 850,000 pounds of CO2, 450,000 pound of solid waste, and 3.5 million gallons of water since he started business in 1996. The U.S. board games market generates about U.S.$1 billion annually, so the opportunity for greening is pretty huge. Kvale has used his stats in a presentation to a Forbes contest to boost small entrepreneurs - his is one of 20 companies in the semi-finals (other 'green' companies Jimi Wallet and Big Belly Solar as well as newcomer Eco-Q BBQ briquettes are vying for the $100,000 investment prize).

Kvale's company is only the distributor, not the creator of Canadian Bioviva and some of the others games sold at his site. But it's good to have resources for green games that go beyond the wooden blocks and trinkets stage of smaller tots and might even amuse the adults. Via ::Kvale Good Natured Games
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