Green at Puro Diseno Fair 2008, Buenos Aires (Part II)


Buenos Aires biggest annual design fair (Puro Diseno) took place from April 8 to 13, and yesterday we showed you the first part of our coverage on the presence of green in the event.

For this second post, we have jewelry from recovered materials, a nice startup project to reuse subway passes and some small-space furniture. Check them out in the extended.Our first featured designers for this second part of the coverage are Angeles Janza and Florencia Fiszman, two young women who make these beautiful pieces of jewelry from aluminum and metals.

Even though the aluminum they used was partly recycled, they started working with recovered materials last year, when they began making a line of jewelry with metal plaques from the print industry. They also incorporated recycled materials to their packaging and announced a challenge for themselves: 50% recycled materials in 2008, 100% in 2009.

"The idea is getting more material of different thickness to be able to apply it to every product. We hope to have it by the end of the year," explains Janza. "Part of the challenge of being a designer is creating from limitations. Also, as designers we have a responsibility over the universe of objects around us," she says.


AngelesFlor jewelry, with metal from the print industry.

Another necklace by AngelesFlor.


Another nice surprise we found was a startup project by Rodrigo Valdivielso, a native from Patagonia who took the time and energy to think about tons of ways to reuse subway-passes and made a little book about it (it can be downloaded from this PDF link).

However, far from wanting to sell the idea, he's looking for a way to bring it to the audience to trigger the thought of reuse on people's minds.


Rodrigo Valdivielso's subway project.

Although not green regarding materials, at Puro Diseno we also we saw some very cool alternatives of dismountable furniture that seemed perfect for small places. We love small spaces because they consume less resources and force us to live with minimum.

We thought these two ideas were nice for petite apartments with regular social gatherings, in which you usually need another table and can't really afford the space of a large sofa when you have people over.

Both the chair and the table are fully dismountable, so you can use and store in a closet accordingly to the space you need for the occasion.


Storage Design chair.

Dismountable chair with its parts.

Another sample of the parts of the chair.

Storage Design dismountable tables.

Last but not least, we saw some nice necklaces from our pals at Lua Cheia, who were in the fair last year. This time they made a limited edition piece for the event.


Lua Cheia necklace.

Don't forget to check the first part of the coverage here.

See more argie designers diving into our Buenos Aires archives. Also, check our small spaces ideas at our Less is More archive.

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