Green at Puro Diseno Fair 2008, Buenos Aires (Part I)

Green at Puro Diseno design fair 2008, Buenos Aires

From April 8 to 13, Buenos Aires had its biggest annual design fair, Puro Diseno. And as we announced last week, we were glad to see a lot more green design expressions than last year.

Even though not all of them were interesting or seemed really worried about raising awareness, we did find some cool items in the accessories, house and jewelry segments. Jump to the extended for the first part of the coverage.One of the first items we noticed were the stuffed characters first in the image above and also pictured in other photos below this text.

They were created by Federico Lanzi and produced with advertising banners, whose functionalities have also been explored by other Argentine designers such as Baumm and Chilean such as Modulab.

An artist with many different projects that include paintings, photography and different kinds of dolls like these, Lanzi made these along with Sudamericadesign in the frame of a contest hosted by an outdoor advertising firm called Clan.

The models include the small dolls that could be the coolest teddy for a kid or used as pillows, and a bigger doll that serves as some kid of puff. Though they are only prototypes and are not for sale, they seemed just a nice clever idea to use banners for other than bags.

Within the same contest, another initiative from Sudamericadesign for the banners reutilization was the water collector pictured below.

Federico Lanzi stuffed characters at Puro Diseno 2008.

Federico Lanzi's advertising banners stuffed dolls.
Federico Lanzi stuffed characters at Puro Diseno 2008.

A bigger alternative of a stuffed doll, used as puff.
Banners water collector by Sudamericadesign.

The water collector, another initiative for banners.

The second designer that called our attention was Gruba, a firm that makes these attractive bags from bonded leather. This material is another that we've seen used by Argentine designers in Vacavaliente's office gadgets and Play line.

The bags come in different designs that can be checked in the photos below, and come in recycled cardboard packaging. The firm was founded by architect Maria Constanza Nuñez and already sells. She can be contacted via the brand's website.

Gruba bonded leather bags, Puro Diseno fair.

Gruba's bonded leather bags.
Gruba bonded leather bags, Puro Diseno fair.

Another model of Gruba's bonded leather bags.
Gruba bonded leather bags, Puro Diseno fair.


Finally, we met with our fellows from Minima Huella, a project that has already two years making design out of trash.

At the exhibition, the firm showed their newest additions: different kinds of glasses from recovered bottles, small lamps from light bulbs, and decorative jars with switches that turn little lights inside them.

Minima Huella design from recovered materials, Puro Diseno fair.

Minima Huella's new designs.

Come back tomorrow for more of the fair!

::Federico Lanzi (in Spanish) ::Gruba ::Minima Huella (in Spanish)

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