Green Architects Invade Gingerbread Market


Times being what they are in the architecture biz, nobody is going to miss the rapidly expanding gingerbread world. In Vancouver, some of the greenest architects around have entered the fray. East Side Design and Solus Decor's Earthship Lollipop "is the world's first LEADâ„¢ (Leadership in Edible Architectural Design) Platinum residence.... the Earthship Lollipop features a rammed-icing English Mint wall with high Cocoa-mass qualities to mitigate sweet-loss, Italian-style breadstick post and beam construction and the latest in solar-gain reducing (and weight-gain promoting) gum-paste roof membrane. Though the house is fueled by high-fructose corn-syrup, the organic (sugar glass) solar panels and windmill can provide supplementary energy, if eaten. The house materials are 100% locally sourced and bio-digestible."


Busby Perkins and Will's entry; they are known to TreeHugger for less edible buildings:
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Romses Architects write:

An alternate unpublished ending to "The Gingerbread Boy" story was unearthed in Bavaria from the musty basement of the story's author. The tragic ending of the published version of the story, in which the gingerbread boy rides across the river on the back of the deceptive (and hungry) fox, is re-written in the unpublished version... this time with an unfortunate twist of fate for the fox.

In this alternate ending, 'Gingy' out-foxes the fox, by promising his furry friend a fine glass of cognac by the fire in his home, to warm his insides, and dry his wet coat of fur after crossing the chilly river....The unsuspecting fox is drawn by Gingy's warm invitation to join him, and his family, in his chic mod (off-the-grid) 'Cocoa Cabana' in the forest....

....Gingy smiles, sits back in his favorite chair, thanks his luck.... and lets the smell of Xmas dinner fill his cabana.

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McFarlane Green Biggar Architecture + Design Inc had a particularly relevant brief, thanking the good folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Gingerbread Animals and The Canadian Centre for Research in Sustainable Gingerbread Technologies, and noting:

Over the past several decades we have become increasingly concerned with the state of suburban sprawl in the Gingerbread housing market. We have seen a tendency for Gingerbread homes to be built increasingly larger and with little regard for the state of our environment. The Hansel and Gretel-ification of the prevalent though wasteful Ginger-Style has resulted in a tendency for homes with enormous embodied energy. Decorative jube-jube, skittles and candy-corn adornment has become a reckless tool for Ginger Developers interested in capitalizing on a quick Traditional Ginger-Style aesthetic over the integrity of a well crafted, enduring and functionally modernist Ginger-Home. More....

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