Great Bow Yard: Great Sustainable Housing


Great Bow Yard is "a unique development of 12 stunningly designed houses and apartments,...These homes have been built using sustainably sourced materials, avoiding toxic chemicals commonly found in new houses. They are insulated far above normal standards for UK construction and incorporate renewable energy sources and energy-saving devices. "

and they look terrific, inside and out. Watch the video:

video narrated by Kevin McCloud


"Sunspaces are located on the south face of the North Wing. They are positioned and designed to improve the environmental performance of the houses. They do this in three principal ways: firstly, by acting as a buffer between inside and out; secondly, by using the warmth of the sun to preheat ventilation to the adjacent living spaces and; thirdly, by effectively creating a large draught lobby to the garden on the south side. These transitional spaces can be controlled by doors, vents and louvres according to the weather and if used correctly will reduce the heating requirement for the houses."


"The solar thermal panels mounted on the south facing elevations of the North Wing should reduce water-heating costs by £100 p.a. at current prices for gas/electricity assuming average domestic use for two people. If, as we expect, gas and electricity prices double in the next ten years, that saving is obviously doubled and the pay back period halved. There are few things that can go wrong with a solar thermal panel - it uses the sun's energy to heat a separate coil in the hot water cylinder, which in turn heats the rest of the cylinder."

::Great Bow Yard and ::Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development designed by ::Stride Treglown