Graypants, the Kings of Cardboard, Move into Metal

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We have been fans of Seattle's Graypants for a while; Seth, Jonathan and Jon "strive to come up with designs and ideas that are thoughtful and have an impact, whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics." Most of the work we have shown to date has been made of cardboard, but this year they introduce Steplight, a new lamp made of aluminum.graypants aluminum lamp flatpack photo

Of course it is flatpack. There are little notches that let you turn each piece and feel it snap into place. Graypants writes:

clean lines, reflective raw aluminum, efficient use of material, and an interlocking assembly were ideas we had in mind as we began designing the step light. the natural process of prototyping different models led to interesting plays on light and shadow. the sixteen interlocking aluminum rings and the joinery in assembly become the beauty of this fixture. reveals left between each layer cast concentric shadows on the surrounding walls and ceiling. the random pixels of light on the surface are a result of the assembly but also create a unique pattern for each fixture.

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