Grassland: Flying Green Tribbles

grassland cafeteria photo

Just the thing for your standard dismal cafeteria with no windows: Real grass, albeit no longer alive.

The grass grows not on soil but on various materials – using water, light and the power of the seeds only. The roots intertwine and form a joint area that, with the aid of the special technique of drying, will stick even on stainless steel. The grass is conserved through the process of drying only.

orb grassland photo

It looks like a gaggle of tribbles have taken over, but no;

What is special about the grass objects is that the grass changes from dark green to straw-colour. Depending on the incidence of light, the colours can take up to two years to change. In addition, the grass follows the law of gravity and bends down slowly. After three to four years, the appearance of the grass hardly changes any further.

grassland squares photo

Also available in squares. Designed by Bernd Oette and available from Grassland; via Next Nature
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