Grass Your Wall, by Ustatic


How about a green air-purifying grass wall in your apartment? Believe it or not, it's possible without having a mess thank to these grass panels from Argentinean company Ustatic. The "Wall Grass" is a system of grass rectangular panels, which function with a structural substrate, a humidity retainer substrate with small conducts that warrantee the homogeneous distribution of water in the entire surface, and a basement formed by the grass' roots, which add support. The grass can be used for decoration or as an alternative for small spaces without a backyard, and is supposed to have the same sir purifying qualities than regular grass. Though it's still a prototype, the product is actually being produced next year in Argentina, and will probably be available for exportation. The company has even some distributors defined, so those interested can get in touch with them through their website. On the other hand, for all of you who are willing to take the treehugging a little further, the company has also an air-purifying suit planning to be developed in the next year. Details, in the extended.The suit is made from a special fabric with the ability to aspire and filter the air, that's then transported through micro conductive filaments, which contain a purifying liquid. The impurities are stored in special pockets for such purpose; and all the energy required to function is caught through flexible solar panels within the same suit.
The firm behind these inventions, as we mention, is Ustatic, "committed to innovation through multidisciplinary design, and ecologically responsible", they claim. "We believe there can be a future in which innovation, science and technology can contribute to the planet", says Juan Maria Serrano, Ustatic manager. We certainly do too!
More details on these prototypes and contact info at their website. ::Ustatic


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