Grand Street Residence by Andrew Berman


There is a lot of real estate around the world that doesn't do much but sit there getting hot; the roofs of our buildings, mostly a wasteland of black tar. TreeHugger readers know about green roofs, and have seen a few designs like the LoftCube that are sitting on roofs, but for the most part rooftop additions are fantasies; there are access and fire code problems, loading issues, wind and earthquake analyses, and a host of other technical issues that make them difficult to do. That is why when we do see them, they are not little and they are not cheap; this is the preserve of the rich client, the full service architect and a lot of engineering.

The Grand Street Residence by Andrew Berman Architect falls into this category: 4,500 square feet and stunning, and probably out of our price range.


According to the architect, the clients asked for a lot of outdoor space for planting grass, vegetables and trees, and a greenhouse. The existing building is a six story post and beam brick manufacturing structure.


Atop this is a new steel structure with a kitchen, dining room and living room. All spaces have wonderful city views, and direct access to the roof deck and garden. Bedrooms, a den, and mechanical spaces are located on the floor below. A section of this floor was excavated to create a greenhouse which brings light and flora to a formerly dark part of the building.


This looks like the lower level (heavy timber columns to the right) so those glass doors must lead into the greenhouse.


Imagine having such a garden on a rooftop in the middle of a City.


::Andrew Berman Architect via ::Materialicious
Photography: Gregory Goode