Grand Schemes To Pave New York's Rivers Could Solve A Lot of Problems


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If you are looking for some interesting infrastructure projects to throw stimulus money at, here are two good ideas from the Infrastructurist that would get cars off the roads of New York City and solve the problems of those long delays for tunnels and bridges: dam the rivers and fill them in with great stuff like expressways and rail lines. This 1924 vision filled in the East River and connected Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens.

But in 1934 the vision got even grander.


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Why connect to Brooklyn when you could connect to New Jersey? Damming the Hudson would have a lot of advantages. Think of all the clean, green power that could be generated. it would provide an extra ten square miles of land, and it would get all of the cars and trucks off the road. And the stimulus! Even in 1934 this was important. As one prominent engineer said at the time:

"Provided with sufficient money and time, particularly money, the project could be carried through to completion with unquestionable success. It would take more than a billion dollars, I have estimated. On the other hand, it would be quite in keeping with President Roosevelt's rehabilitation and N.R.A. plan and put an enormous army of men to work."


Green power. No more cars idling for hours, waiting to get into the tunnels. What could possibly go wrong? More at Modern Mechanix

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