Grand Designs Live Builds a Sustainable House on TV


Grand Designs Live is a lifestyle t.v. show that features house construction and renovations being carried out, with comments by the proud owners and by Kevin McCloud, the presenter, on the taste and architecture. It is usually complimentary, sometimes grotesque and there is always some snag, but it's great fun for architectural voyeurs. All this week the show features the construction of Kevin McCloud's own sustainable house by a team of workmen, with a different aspect of the construction being shown every night. The materials will be sustainable and recycled, where possible, and a combination of traditional materials and cutting-edge technology.

Here's the schedule: foundations and structure of the ground floor in place by day two, using sustainable, prefabricated straw bales (which don't quite fit) and hemp cladding panels. Next: double height rammed earth wall-- 8 tons of earth are needed for this effort. Day three is high tech, using a "computer controlled flat-bed laser cutter to produce the internal and external structure and generate practically no waste." Day four: window frames from "Accoya, a timber that can stay in shape even if it was left in the bottom of the Thames for 10 years, and Nanogel, the lightest and best insulating material in the world for the roof lights." Can he do it? Follow their progress and watch the agony and the ecstasy as it develops. :: Grand Designs Live

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