Gotta Have a MacBook Air? Get a Reusable Carrying Case


Early adopters of the thinnovative MacBook Air are no doubt lusting after the signature manila envelope that Apple's diminutive notebook conveniently slips into. We've seen the "AirMail" (ha. ha.) floating around the web -- Geekologie has a fun review of it -- which delivers on aesthetic but not so much on the materials; it's made from vinyl, which is a nasty carcinogen and TreeHugger no-no.

If you gotta have it (or already do), we recommend going for something like the Mac bag from Studio Leung; it takes a design note from the manila version while replacing the vinyl with cotton. DIYers handy with a sewing machine could (fairly easily) fashion one of their own, doing the bag one better with organic cotton or another sustainable textile. This version isn't perfect, but we know a Mac fan or two who'd spring for one in a second; if you gotta have it, at least have it last a long time. ::Studio Leung via