Gotta Garden Shed? Enter it in the Shed of the Year Competition

silverspring shed photo

The SHED by Chuck Witmer, Silver Spring, Maryland, with permission

Why have garden sheds become so popular in recent years? It is true that they are an economical way of gaining more space without having to spend a lot of money renovating, and a lot more people are working from home and need a quiet spot. But I think it is also because they permit a kind of architectural experimentation that people don't get to do in their house- you can take a few more risks when it is a separate space and the building codes don't apply.

silver spring shed drawing image

In the UK, where it is a more developed art, We Heart Sheds runs an international competition that now attracts hundreds of entries, including eco-sheds, home office sheds and an entire Tardis category.

I am partial to modern green designs, like Chuck Witmer's shed in Silver Spring, Maryland. He writes:

I have to say first off that this is a multi-user shed. It is both a woodshop (for me Chuck) and a painting studio (for my wife Jessica). I am BIG on sustainability so I utilized as much recycled materials as possible from the local recycled material shop; Community Forklift. I designed my 16' long window on the east side out of IKEA glass shelving and framed and butt glazed it myself. There's also a sleeping loft inside for the guests I don't like that stay over.

silver spring shed at night photo

The SHED at night

More at We Heart Sheds. And if you have a shed, be sure to enter the competition, application page here.
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