GoSun introduces flatware that's really flat

Gosun flatware
© GoSun

Who says you can't take it with you?

GoSun is known to TreeHuggers for its clever solar ovens; they know how to design things that work. And for those days when the sun isn't shining on your oven and you head to the local fast food joint instead, they have designed some interesting cutlery to take with you.

woman holding flatware© GoSun
Unlike traditional flatware, these are really flat and slide down to the size of a credit card and only 4mm (1/6") thick.

The Flatware’s stainless steel fork and spoon slide out of their sleeves to become full sized utensils, perfect for lunch-time salads and soups. Once finished, they retract for mess-free storage, snapping into their card shaped container designed to trap odor. The Flatware utensil set is made of durable 301 stainless and disassembles for easy cleaning.

GoSun notes that American use 100 million pieces of plastic utensils every day, and none of these are recycled. As our friend the WasteCounter notes, when companies say plastic cutlery is recyclable, they are lying. It is contaminated with food.

Gosun end single use plastic© GoSun

“At GoSun, we believe that people generally want to do what’s best for the planet, but sometimes just need a little help turning those aspirations into reality. With Flatware, we’re making it easy to do good… so easy that there’s no excuse to go for that single-use plastic ever again,” remarked GoSun’s founder Patrick Sherwin.

Chinese food clamshell© GoSun

There are a few mixed messages in their press package, saying "let's end single-use plastic" and then showing a meal in a foam clamshell, but I suppose we have to start somewhere. Besides, you can cook really good Chinese food in your Gosun stove.

It's up on Kickstarter, where it has blown through their target by a factor of 50, probably because they have a good record of actually delivering on their Kickstarters and it's only twenty bucks.

They will also probably be useful if you ever decide to visit Flatland.

FlatlandFlatland cover/ Wikipedia/Public Domain

GoSun introduces flatware that's really flat
Who says you can't take it with you?

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