Gorgeous Tree House Built Without Cutting a Single Branch (Photos)


All Photos Courtesy of Urbanarbolismo

When the team at nature-minded Spanish architecture firm Urbanarbolismo decided to build a tree house, they set some high standards. Working with a centuries old oak tree, they wanted to create a place for adventure as well as relaxation, all without cutting a single branch. The end result is a gorgeous tree house, with a cabin built on the oak's strongest branches and a porch supported by beams reaching to the ground. Thus the name the "Rooted Tree House."


It's built in the pastures of Extremadura, in western Spain. Like any great tree house, the structure disappears behind the leaves, though not to the point of being invisible. The "roots" seem to become part of the tree itself.

Here's the breakdown of the building materials (please forgive Google's translation from the Spanish):

For the home side finished we selected as the cork oak bark cuts just uncorked without any treatment. Material is an area known for its cork industry, which by its nature resists weathering and thanks to the humidity will be populated with mosses and lichens. As shown in the picture the material had been uncorked so recently that many of the plates still had lichens.

But the best part of the Rooted Tree House is looking at it. And with that in mind, here are more photos:





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