Gorgeous Garage Conversion By Shed Architects

shed architecture less is more small spaces photo interior

The appropriately named SHED Architecture and Design has done a lovely garage conversion into a 300 square foot studio apartment in a Seattle backyard.shed architecture less is more small spaces photo before

It is hard to call it a renovation, but zoning bylaws would not permit a new building, so they appear to have retained a few sticks. It is another good example of how one can make such a small space not only habitable but lovely to look at. The Architects are quoted in Coolboom:

The project began with a 30 square meter single car garage, built in the 1920's, that was in an advanced state of decay and in need of a new foundation. Local codes would have prevented replacing it with a new building and so the decision was made to rehabilitate it. The overarching goal was to maximize the density and utility of the small 300 square meter lot and this was achieved by creating a studio apartment to generate income for the homeowners, a workshop and storage area in the new garage basement to serve the main house, and by adding terraces, paths, and steps to the backyard.

shed architecture less is more small spaces photo exterior
The garage, elevated above a sunken yard on wooden posts was in need of a new foundation. The building was jacked up so that a new basement could be excavated and built beneath it. The basement contains a mechanical room and a workshop and storage space for the main house. The excavated soil was used to create raised terraces in the back yard.

shed architecture less is more small spaces photo loft

The loft looks tight but cozy. Access is via a ladder opposite the closet.

shed architecture less is more small spaces photo plans

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