Google/Guggenheim Shed Competition Winners Announced


The results are in from the Design It competition, a Google mashup with the Guggenheim where 600 designers used Sketchup to design a shelter, no more that 100 square feet in floor area that provided a space for one person to study and sleep. There was a peoples' choice award where more than 100,000 voted, giving the prize to David Mares of Portugal, who logically built it out of cork, a local, sustainable material.


I must confess that I usually don't think much of peoples' choice awards (the winner in the Greensburg chain of eco-homes competition got exactly 17 peoples' choice votes) but they did good here, it is a lovely thing. More on the Cork Block Shelter at the Guggenheim and at David Mares website.


I was less sure about the juried winner's project, David Eltang's SeaShelter, until I watched the video, and saw that it is designed to sit on exposed seabed at low tide, with the top window staying above the water at high tide.


SeaShelter is situated in the Wadden-sea, a unique coastline, with shallow water but tides of 1-3 meters and exposed seabed at low tide. It is habitat for a variety of birds and seals. SeaShelter offers opportunity to stay in the Wadden-sea even at high tide, and opportunity to discover wildlife and seabed when flooded.

Video describing the competition and announcing the winners.

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